10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2015

Web Design trends 2015

Each successive year the durability of web design trends are tested by the market itself. Time tells which ones shall stand strong for yet another year, and those that are only passé.There are a couple trends from the previous year that are expected to come strong even in 2015, such as the semi-flat layout design and sophisticated typography. Likewise, a set of other noteworthy trends such as an image-video hybrid known as cinemagraph are starting to become mainstream. Here are the 10 web design trends to watch in 2015.

1. Flat-Screen UI

This is a mixture of both fun and smooth color-lines, perfectly combined with modern style and simplicity to bring out the best of web applications. The technology was first featured on Apple’s newest iOS 7 software upgrade, Microsoft Group has also been working on their Metro UI for a quite some time now. Flat UI is expected to keep growing as the 2015 slowly progresses.

2. Personalized Typography

Fonts have categorically evolved over the last few years, with services such as Google Fonts providing 100s of fonts for users to choose from, all at zero cost. There’s an emerging trend for designers to incorporate custom/brandable fonts onto their online messages. This is what’s called Personalized Typography.

3. Single-Page Scrolling

It’s designed to make web users not look for information throughout the web, when all content can easily be served using a single page. This technology allows all your pages to be viewed vertically when scrolling upwards or down. One-page scrolling is already giving positive signs in the web-design community, there are many online businesses that are already taking advantage of the technology.

4. Parallax

Parallax refers to the displacement/difference that exists in the relative position of any object that’s viewed along multiple sightlines, it’s measured based on the angle/semi-angle of inclination which exists between two adjacent lines. Some people believe that this falls under the 1-page scrolling headline, however there are several web design company sites which prefer the single parallax photos for capturing the attention of online viewers. Parallax has steadily been evolving this year.

5. Minimalism

It’s a simple web design which lacks all the fancy image colors, this technique has been trending of late and the main reason behind it is the huge emphasis on content rather than showing off. All information is delivered straight to the point, browsers consequently spend less time getting the details they want.

6. Compact Sidebars

Far gone are the days when one had to display sidebars on every page possible. Compact Sidebars focus more on full-width page content, they have widgets just like sidebars which scroll-out from side to side where necessary.

7. Responsiveness

There’s still plenty of room when it comes to responsive of webpages, and on that note designers are actively filling their pockets with ideas that would make online portals more responsive. Be on the lookout for classic platforms which offer to build cool mobile sites in only five clicks, AIMIT WEB SOLUTIONS already has this service on offer.

8. Video Content

Administrators can only write thus much information on a site, before people get to know that they have been spending excess time reading things that could have easily been consumed via an interactive media platform such as a video.

9. Fixed Navigation

Fixed navigation technology has been coming up fast, there are lots of creative ways that it can be used. For instance, websites can integrate their social media, search and purchase options using these fixed navbars, hence making user-experience accessible and reliable.

10. Block Design

Block design allows everything to be fully responsive, considering the fact that there aren’t any common standards for devices that can access the net today. Block design sites work on just about everything, from your handset to tablet and even the iMac.

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