Mobile Site Vs Mobile App

What is the Difference Betweene Mobile Site And Mobile App

The internet is a huge spectrum of market opportunity for many businesses to establish a brand. Many articles had mentioned that creating a virtual social presence of a particular brand is a crucial factor for a successful business model. There are also facts saying that consumers are moving towards mobility and turning these audiences into sales leads is a simple task that requires no more tools than just mobile app and mobile website for users to access.

This is totally a misconception! Understanding the mobile technological tool is extremely important to study the consumer trend and leverage on technology to walk closer with customers. Currently, there are so many lucrative offers that promise business owners a mobile app or website.

A mobile site is only suitable for perfect viewing and searching pleasure in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As most gadgets do not support higher resolution and memory support than a computer, a mobile site is usually a “small” version of traditional website. Most are programmed in HTML 5 to avoid complications to arise from loading memory-intensive features such as Flash and unstructured design such as broken links or un-clickable checkbox in mobile phone. In many instances, users can understand when a website is not optimized for mobile by pinching through the screen to zoom. Mobile site should always be adopted when owners want to provide useful yet convenient information to on-the-go users such as product information, store opening hours and contact numbers.

Avoid complicating mobile application (app) with mobile website. Mobile application usually provides a specialized feature to end users who downloaded the file from a virtual marketplace before they are able to request specialized service such as booking a taxi or checking the arrival of public bus. Such application can only be utilized if the mobile users install the file in advance. Before getting a developer for this project, owners are advised to understand the unique kind of its service that may be provided. While not all applications are free of charge, consumers’ willingness to purchase these life-improving applications has spurred many developers to develop more applications to bridge any inadequacy in mobile services. Developing a mobile application is a different category of business, as such diverting owners to a separate market of mobile users or fighting for its fair share of user base.

Basically, every business in the industry should consider their best channel to do internet marketing. An efficient marketing comes after a period of analysis and experimenting before a social community can be formed to provide benefit to any business model. Do not swim in the unforgiving ocean without knowing how to utilize the proper tool to drive and stimulate growth as desired.

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