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What is Pay-per-click Advertising?

Pay-per-click, or “sponsor Link,” advertising examples can be seen at the top and along the right side of the natural search engine results on for the most part of major search engines. Pay-per-click or PPC ads are be able to serve contextually, appear next to related content on articles, blogs, and online news source. These newspaper classifieds-style text ads appear based on keywords being bid on in an auction-style format. In general, the higher your maximum reserve bid, the higher in rank your ad appear. AimIT PPC services company can increase your position over your competitors at lower cost-per-click(CPC) by implement proven tactics increasing the quality of your account and reward by the search engine PPC platform.

Benefits of Pay-per-click marketing

  • just pay-per-click, not charged based on eyeballs
  • Achieve instant traffic instead of to come for months
  • Draw targeted company based on search query and keyword target
  • Gain market research quickly and client knowledge
  • Gives ability to test & always improve by A/B split testing ads
  • Highly track able purchase pattern down to the campaign, keyword, ad, show you what keywords work

Pay-per-click Program Platforms

Using AimIT’s nearly five years and over a million dollars in management experience, we can easily prove you for every dollar use, you will receive X number of new possible clients. We have experience using the entire the rage pay-per-click platforms like Google Ad Words and Bing Ad Center, as well as second tier platform like Ask.com and Business.com.

Certified Pay-per-click Management

We professionally design your campaigns, adgroups, and keywords since the ground up with ROI in mind, structuring the account in a verified format to bring you leads and phone calls while SEO is charming effect. Among almost five years of experience, we have learned all the common mistake and have the know-how to get your pay-per-click campaign cost-effective quickly.

Our PPC services do all the important lifting, including:

  • Keyword generation
  • Keyword bid management
  • Writing & tweaking ad creative
  • Keyword to landing page match
  • Conversion set-up & tracking
  • Local search geo-targeting

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