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PHP is one of a web development framework, it be an extremely powerful tool for creating all kinds of websites or applications. PHP scripting language have its own limits, but have always remain free and open source tool attract developers all over the world to program web application. It is no surprise that PHP has become a prefer web technology for users looking at developing community websites, e-commerce portals, CRM solutions, also a lot more.

Nowadays all major web application development, Business to Customer, Business to Business and eCommerce application are designed only with PHP. The major advantage is that pages using PHP are generated very quickly as scripts are process on the server before sending to the client’s browser.

At AimIT websolutions – Web development company india provides PHP based application development services and PHP development services for customized applications, we offered you highly secure and flexible PHP websites and other Web application development.

Ruby on Rails (ROR

Ruby on Rails (ROR) has created a buzzing in the world of Web Development on ruby on rails development as it is a free open source web development framework based on MVC with Ruby language to grow rapidly data driven web application. The explosion of importance in Ruby on Rails has catapult Ruby to prominence among dynamic programming languages. The recent WEB does not only depend on the old, encoded, paid and stressful technology but the fresh, open-source, free and wonderful technologies like Ruby on Rails are now creating the new highway to connect the WEB and provide a beautiful environment of web developers.

Our highly skilled and devoted Ruby on Rails developers be able to create web 2.0 application using newest Ruby on Rails web services. Our India based Ruby on Rails (ROR) web development team is dedicated to provide our clients with sustainable solutions, quality service and higher support with the latest technology RoR. Our Ruby on Rails (ROR) programmers can develop modified applications that meet all your needs.


Python is a flexible and dynamic scripting open source language with highly readable codes for faster python web development and python based application development by system of using object oriented attributes. Python is receiving a lot of thought from the industry and developers. It runs on multiple platform because it is implement focus on every one main operating system. Python is one of the very high programming language to learn yet spinning itself into one of the most powerful programming ilanguages currently available. Python enjoy a dynamic community support.

Python Application Developers

Python developers report impressive productivity benefits over development in other programming languages, in general with 10 times the development speed seen with C or C++ and a 2 times that seen with Java or Visual Basic and that’s impressive, isn’t it? Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and MySpace provide python developers with API services.

Our dedicated team of python application developers have rich experience and sound knowledge in python designing and python application development. Our python developers contain a proven path record in imbibe different technology and involved with huge Python projects for our clients.

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