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We provide regular website maintenance services of the web site, such as periodical updates, usability and functionality tests. Keeping your website visible online is fundamental for your credibility and success.

Maintenance of web site is necessity if you want to keep updating information without losing not even a single visitor. The website is not a static material like catalog or any other printed material. This can be used for reflecting new products, services or enhancement in your organization.

Budget is one problem restricting people from maintaining their web sites. People pay a lot of price to build the website but then hesitate to pay for the maintenance. One solution is that you should always have a maintenance plan after you have developed and launched a Web site. Other option could be that you can allow any of your employees to maintain the Web site. But you have to understand that maintenance of a Web site is included of technical part too. A programmer may not know all the tricks to promote your web site. A Webmaster will be responsible for maintaining the website up to the standard. You can also contract this out with some professional web development company that have specialized persons for this purpose. Webmasters either hired or contracted on a regular basis ensure that your websites are useful and functional.

We offer a comprehensive Website maintenance plan that suits all kind of websites such as business, e-shopping or personal. Some of the tasks we should be performing are listed below.

Basic website maintenance of our plan provides :

  • Maintenance and replacement of the website and web pages old content with the new content.
  • Maintenance and addition of latest enhanced products and services information to the website.
  • Monitoring the site ranking
  • Reviewing the statistics
  • Maintaining without any broken links to the complete website
  • Custom error page(404 page) configurations website maintenance.
  • Maintenance of HTML and CSS validation for existing websites and web pages.
  • Analysis and maintenance of the accessibility of your multimedia flash elements in your complete websites.
  • Maintenance for the best performance and load time optimization.
  • Re-structuring and maintaining of the invalid HTML tags.
  • Website maintenance of content font size increasing if they are so small.
  • If there is an issue due to your existing website Hosting provider then we will do the Analysis and maintenance for the same. The rest can be done more upon your request.

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