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Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest deploy Operating Systems on the mobile and the handheld Devices. Our experience team at AimIT have experience in Windows Application Development using  C++ and C#.

We contain experience in Windows Application Development that require Syncing with Microsoft Office to games to run on windows mobile.

We have experience of programming the touch screen to developing application that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones. Leveraging our knowledge on the Windows DirectX platform, we give complete 3D solutions used for applications and games using the DirectX and DirectDraw APIs on the Windows Mobile Platform. Combined by this the Windows Live platform we offer a complete application feature set to leverages the GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps API.

We also include expertise in developing applications for the Microsoft Zune Platform and games with the Microsoft XNA platform for the console and the Personal Media Player devices. Our team are also experienced in porting applications from other platforms to windows mobile devices with similar capability.

Our Windows Mobile Development Team at India gets involved in the projects from the design stage designing the best possible solution for any application idea. Following the responsive development paradigm we prototype the application for our clients. association of our clients is critical for us from the design phase as it lets us recognize the Development wants of the application. After that we go away through multiple design cycle to bring the application from a increasing prototype to a fully functional application. base on the application we add Database functionalities offered by the windows mobile platform. our development cycle ends we run the application during a perfect testing cycle beyond which we package the application also push it to the Windows Mobile Market place.

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